Make my own perfume 

Custom fragrance making guided by a master perfumer 

Make your perfume with us

and access amazing ingredients and incredible knowledge.


A Beautiful Experience

This is an opportunity to explore parfum and re-discover your tastes in our luxury setting in the heart of the Gold Coast. A personal one on one consultation with the master perfumer.

High Quality Perfume Ingredients 

Explore 80 high-quality perfume grade fragrance oils. All selected for their specific fragrance making properties.

Perfume Making Process

Within the one hour session we take you through perfume making based around your tastes. Sampling, composing and adding the ingredients by hand into the finished bottle.

make my own perfume

Perfume Formula

Perfume recipes and fragrance formulas are created by our trained perfumer from the ingredients you select. We use your taste and our knowledge to guide the fragrance oil combinations for your perfume.

Mix your own Perfume

Drop by drop by your own hand, the fragrance ingredients are added to the bottle. Base notes, heart notes, top notes – at each stage we check in to see how it is progressing.

Guided by a Master

Personal guidance by our master perfumer taking you through the steps from the selection of ingredients to fragrance formulation and production.

How to make perfume

mix your own perfume

How do you make your own perfume?
 What are the steps in making perfume? 
What are the ingredients? 
How do I know where to start? 
What is the perfume production process? 
Can I make perfume without alcohol? 
What are the best fragrance oils for perfume making?

These are questions that can take a lifetime of personal research and dedication to answer. If you wish to explore perfume and experience the perfume making process to design your own scent, we offer a one of a kind create your own perfume experience that will have you making your fragrance today. 

“I want to create my own perfume” 

“I want to make my own”, “I want to be hands on”, “I want to make it myself”, “I don’t like what’s out there”, “How do I do it?” 
These are the reasons we designed the Create Your Own Perfume experience over ten years ago. 
When people realised they were talking to professional perfume makers who actually design scent and make fragrance the very next thing we were asked is “can I make my own?”.

We decided to say yes and make it possible.  

Places to make your own perfume

There are very few places to make your own perfume outside of France. You have come to the right place. If you ever wanted to experience what its like to be a perfume maker with the assistance of an internationally recognised master perfumer, the Fleurage Scent Design Studio (located at the Parkrise Building Alison Street Surfers Paradise) awaits you. 

Fleurage Custom Perfume Making

Consult with the perfumer about your personal tastes, explore fragrance oils for perfume making, then we create a formula for you (from the ingredients you like) to design your own scent. From the formula we can create parfum, eau de parfum and colognes or create perfume without alcohol.

A perfume organ 
just for you

Eighty ingredients for you to explore.


Create Your Own Perfume for 1 person

A one hour personal session with our perfumer and 80 specially selected ingredients



Create Your Own Perfume for 2 people

A booking for two people, each to create their own fragrance using the 80 ingredients


Who is it for?

Fragrance is a very personal choice.
What we as individuals find attractive in scent is not bounded by gender or dictated by marketing departments. 
This is for people who know themselves and wish to reflect their being.

Fragrance for women

A beautiful opportunity to begin the journey into custom parfum, eau de parfum or oil perfumes.

Fragrance for men

Step into the secret world of fragrance making and explore the possibilities for men with eau de parfum, colognes and aftershaves

Fragrance for couples

A joyous experience to share – exploring your tastes through the exquisite world of perfume.



Perfume making gift certificate

For special birthdays and personal milestones it makes for an amazing gift.


Over 2,000 custom perfumes made

design your own scent
fragrance oils for perfume making
create my own perfume progress
making the perfume formula
make my own perfume with droppe
sampling my own perfume


During your session we discuss your most important topics while exploring and making. 
How do you make your own perfume? What are the steps in making perfume? What are the ingredients? 

Here are some common questions. 

The first step in designing a personal scent begins with a scent profile – a questionnaire to understand your tastes. Our professional perfume maker will then create perfume making formula using your stated likes and ingredients tested by your own nose.


What it's like to design your own scent

fragrance oils for perfume making

Hi Emma. I just wanted to let you know that I had a delightful experience this morning. I really loved how well you engage with me as a person, how you identified my likes and dislikes and helped me make a wonderful, individualised perfume, just for me. I have met 4 people since this morning and I've shared my wonderful experience with each of them. Best regards.


mix your own perfume

I would recommend Fleurage’s Create Your Own Perfume experience to anyone – it was such a fun, educational and enriching creative activity and it would appeal to both perfume aficionados and to those with no prior knowledge of fragrance. I had such a wonderful time making my own fragrance with Emma from Fleurage; it was a really magical experience and a wonderful way to make a tribute perfume both to my father and my own childhood scent memories.


design your own scent

The whole process is really quite fascinating and I would recommend it to anyone who loves perfume (and it would make a great gift for a milestone birthday or similar). My big tip for anyone considering a visit to Fleurage to create their own fragrance (apart from just do it!!) is to have a little think about the style of fragrance you might like to create. I hadn’t given that any thought at all, which probably made it harder for Emma to narrow down what I was after.

Distant Francophile


Fleurage is an independent perfume house committed to making beautiful perfumes fitted to individuals.


Ask away. We would love to hear from you. 


Gold Coast Queensland Australia

In the beautiful sub tropics between Brisbane, Toowoomba and Byron Bay
places to make your own perfume Gold Coast Queensland


Suite 6, Level 1
3 Alison Street, 
Surfers Paradise
Queensland 4217
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PH: (07) 3219 0868

Tram Travel

Alight the tram at Cavill Avenue and walk south for two blocks, or walk north two blocks from the Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck stop.


Parking is best at the Paradise Centre.

Airport connection

The 4217 Depot is just around the corner for easy bus connections to and from the airport. 

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